Project Experience

The following Projects highlight prior experience in the areas of Bridges (B), Construction Management (CM), Planning (P) and Track Design (T), as noted at the end of each sample project.

As Needed Services for CSXT Contract, 10East Corporation, Various Locations
Project Descriptions listed by individual tasks. (Firm Role – Consultant/Planner; Duration – 09/04 to 06/05)

Western Coal Capacity Improvements, 10East/CSXT, Illinois and Indiana – Provide as needed construction support for track capacity improvements in various locations. (Firm Role – Consultant/Planner; Duration – 03/05)
Unit Train Coal Loop – 10East/CSXT- Project Consultant charged with developing and evaluating alternative conceptual plans and estimates to access proposed coal loop track. Plan must be coordinated with existing train operations and other overlapping projects. Responsibilities include evaluating site and track conditions as well as coordinating with industry. (Firm Role – Consultant/Planner; Duration – 02/05 to 03/05) P, T.

Winter Avenue Bridge Replacement, 10East/CSXT, Danville, IL.
Project Consultant charged with developing an alternative staging plan to maintain train operations while permitting single tracking of the double track bridge carrying CSXT over Winter Avenue during bridge replacement. Project challenge is to develop a cost effective realignment of a parallel former Conrail alignment to facilitate its use as a passing track during the construction, leaving CSXT with a permanent improvement to its facilities rather than the traditional temporary shoofly. Realignment must be integrated with 4 other overlapping projects, including diamond elimination and at-grade crossing improvements. (Firm Role – Consultant/Planner; Duration – 10/04 to 03/05)

Experience With Previous Employers

Chicago Terminal Conrail Acquisition Projects, CSX Transportation, Chicago, IL. Project Manager responsible for planning, design and construction of 12 assigned projects included interlocking rearrangements and upgrade, main line realignments, yard rearrangements and expansion, and new siding and connection tracks with a construction cost of $80 Million. Supervised 4 resident engineers directing civil construction in the field by both contractor and railroad forces. Acquisition Program consisted of 16 interrelated projects which required significant coordination between all parties to share resources including railroad signal forces, material shipments, and contractors, installation of materials released from other projects, cutover of facilities impacting multiple railroads, and integrating design plans of multiple consultants and Design Build contractors working on separate projects, sections, or disciplines. Mr. Kimicata was also responsible for all aspects of the track and civil work including feasibility studies, conceptual planning, coordination with outside agencies and obtaining approvals from 7 partner railroads. Coordinated with operating and signal departments from several railroads to integrate their needs and designs into the civil plans. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – 5/97 to 3/99) B, CM, P, T.

Roadway Worker and Safety Training, Various Locations – Designated Railroad Safety Trainer providing Railroad Safety Awareness and subsequently Roadway Worker Training to fellow consultant employees, subconsultants, and outside contractors.

Blue Island Sub TCS, CSX Transportation, Cook County, Illinois– Project Manager responsible for planning, conceptual design, cost estimates, and interdisciplinary coordination for 15 mile Western Avenue Corridor improvement project. Phase I included 19 at-grade crossings. Work included crossing rationalization study that identified four closure candidates, agency coordination for IDOT crossing surface funding and ICC crossing warning system funding, as well as joint meetings with CDOT and local Alderman. Project achieved full funding of one crossing surface and 50% funding of 11 crossing warning systems with full funding for an additional crossing surface pending. No crossings were closed as the corridor warning systems were upgraded to create a “Quiet Zone” which went into effect in September 2004. Project involved planning, conceptual design, and project coordination for the larger Phase 2 program, which has been incorporated into the CREATE Plan. Redirected $400K in planned bridge maintenance to realign a curve and increase speed on a better bridge bay, while coordinating with programmed track rehabilitation and accommodating Union Pacific’s proposed track reconfiguration. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration –3/00 to 3/01) B, P, T.

CRANDIC Connection, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Fairfax, IA. Project Manager responsible for design of a new two mile Greenfield double track connection that included a 3-span precast concrete bridge over a waterway, and 3 multi-barrel cast in place box culverts. Project challenges included updating previous design to eliminate a long, highly skewed culvert and evaluating bridge vs. box culvert alternatives. Responsibilities include permitting and addressing agency concerns for access, beautification, and drainage. Project is currently under construction. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – 7/02 to 1/04) B, T.

Ogden Avenue Bridge, CSX Transportation, Chicago County, Illinois Project Manager and designer responsible for survey, design, cost estimates, alternatives evaluation, and coordination with multiple railroads and their consultants. Project involved inspection of vacant bridges, recommendations for selection of best bridge bays, and rehabilitation design for selected bay. Work also included design of track geometry to access new bays in conjunction with track realignment changes planned by three connecting railroads; CN/IC, NS, and UPRR. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration –9/00 to 4/01) B, P, T.

Goose Island Cherry Street Track Relocation, Canadian Pacific Railway, Chicago, IL. Project Manager and Construction Engineer responsible for plan and shop drawing review, agency coordination, onsite observation of third party construction activities, and field layout of work by railroad forces. Owners Representative for the realignment and relocation of active Industrial Lead located within the parallel roadway limits. Responsibilities included representing the railroad at project progress meetings, scheduling the railroad’s track construction work, coordinating with agency’s contractor, documenting site conditions prior to and after the project, daily reports of construction activities, reviewing and approving changes due to unanticipated conditions, and coordinating construction work with transportation to maintain uninterrupted rail service to CP customer. Project resulted in the reconfiguration of the track, part of which was constructed as Ballasted Track outside of the active roadway with the remainder constructed as concrete Slab Track within the roadway limits. A temporary transload facility was utilized to maintain rail service. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – 8/02 to 12/02) T, CM.

CSXT Post Incident Surveys, CSX Transportation, Midwest Locations, Project manager responsible for field investigation of employee and highway/rail crossing incidents. Responsibilities include developing incident specific survey and exhibit plan, observing collection of points in field, analysis of survey data, and certifying survey plan and measurements. Due to the confidential nature of this work, specific details are available upon request, with permission of the client. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – 8/77 to 10/04)

BNSF Bridge Clearance Improvement, CSX Transportation, Chicago, IL. Project Manager and Construction Engineer for the fast track improvement of vertical clearances under the BNSF bridge near 16th Street. Responsibilities as resident engineer included performing subgrade Nuclear Density Testing, maintaining daily log of construction activities, scheduling and coordinating contractor, utility, and railroad forces, submitting weekly progress reports and monthly meeting minutes, providing field layout for railroad work, and approving contractor pay requests.. As the schedule did not permit subsurface field investigation and required winter construction, substantial T&M work was measured and approved in the field for contractor payment as well as modification to the record documents. Project involved the undercutting of two tracks, modifications to the bridge footings and drainage system, and extensive utility investigation and relocation. Project had to be staged to maintain traffic on one track as well as utility service. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – 10/93 to 3/94) (B, T, CM.

111th Street Underpass, CSX Transportation, Alsip, IL. Project Manager responsible for plan and shop drawing review, agency coordination, and onsite construction observation. Project involved replacement of the existing 4‑lane at-grade crossing with a cast in place 2-span bridge for double track. Work includes plan and shop drawing review, review and logging of test reports, agency coordination, onsite construction observation and daily reports of construction activities, safety compliance, representing the railroad at project progress meetings, scheduling the railroad’s work to coordinate with agency contractors, coordinating requirements for railroad flagging with availability and work rules, and coordinating track outages while minimizing impact on train operations. Project subsurface conditions (large boulders) required evaluation and eventual approval of change from driven piles to drilled columns. (Firm Role – Prior Employment; Duration – NA) B, T, CM.

Staff Engineer, CSX Transportation, Various Locations. Various positions of increasing responsibility in 5 locations culminating in responsibility for all civil design and construction activities for an assigned territory that included the Chicago Terminal area and mainlines in central and northern Illinois. Responsible for planning, design, and execution of numerous projects of varying sizes, including resident engineering activities to layout projects, monitor and maintain a daily record of construction activities, inspect materials, coordinate material testing, maintain project files and submittal logs, chair project meetings and issue minutes, and approve contractor payments. Other responsibilities included negotiation, coordination, and audit of agency, joint facility, and outside party projects, coordination of maintenance and capital projects, and assisting Industrial development in new and/or expanded rail served business opportunities. Sample projects are:

· Safety Activities, Various Locations Participated in safety activities, including at various times being a member of the local safety committee, participating in safety audits, providing safety training, and evaluating and developing solutions to safety condition reports.

· Bridge 407, Joliet, IL. Construction Manager for the repair and replacement of the pier protection, fender system, and mechanical systems. B, CM.

· Des Plaines River Bridge, Seneca Il. Construction Manager for the repair and replacement of the pier protection and fender system. B, CM.

· Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Surveys, Various Locations. Part of a team that evaluated bridge condition, line and grade and hydraulic requirements for replacement or rehabilitation of existing bridges. Work included field survey and inspection of the bridges, plan preparation, and field stakeout. Open deck curved bridges required calculation and checking of tie dapping and track alignment. B, T.

· Third Party Bridge Construction, Various Midwest Locations. Site Representative responsible for plan review and construction observation of bridges over and under the railroad for conformance with approved plans, material specifications and CSXT safety requirements. B, CM

· Forest Hill Intermodal Yard Rearrangement, Chicago IL. Project Engineer responsible for the design and supervision of the reconstruction of paving, drainage, and track improvements. Responsibilities included performing slump tests, and collecting concrete test cylinders for testing by others and verifying test results against project requirements. CM.

· Division Office Expansion, Grafton WVA. Project Engineer responsible for supervising construction of addition to the existing office building. Responsibilities included performing slump tests, collecting concrete test cylinders for testing by others, inspection of materials for conformance with specifications, and observing pile driving for proper blow counts. CM.

· Michigan Division Crossing Surface Program, MI. Project Engineer responsible for inspection of grade crossing surface improvements performed by contract forces, and coordination with company forces. CM.

· Slide Stabilization, Montgomeryville, PA. Project Engineer responsible for survey, design, and supervising mainline slope stabilization. Field responsibilities included verifying compliance with environmental requirements for creek relocation, reviewing and approving fill materials and verifying compaction, and layout and field survey to verify accurate placement of fill materials. CM.

· Slide Stabilization, Washington, PA. Project Engineer responsible for survey, design, and supervising mainline slope stabilization. Field responsibilities included reviewing and approving fill materials and verifying compaction, and layout and field survey to verify accurate placement of fill materials. CM.

· Stormwater Pollution Modifications, Grafton, WVA. Project Engineer responsible for supervising modifications to shop and yard stormwater system to route water through treatment facility. Responsibilities included observing excavations for evidence of contaminated materials, arranging for testing of suspect materials, and managing removal and disposal of contaminated materials. CM.

· Conrail Overhead Clearance Improvement, Chicago, IL. Project Engineer responsible for design, and supervising the relocation and reconstruction of CSXT tracks to facilitate clearance improvements of the adjacent Conrail tracks under the BNSF Bridge near 16th Street. CM, T.

· Riverdale Interlocking Rearrangement, Riverdale, IL. Project Engineer responsible for survey, design, and supervising the rearrangement of multi-track crossing and connection. Tasks included development of project staging and traffic diversions to maintain critical traffic. CM, P, T.

Additional project details and references furnished upon request.